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title: Argument (llvm.core)

The args property of llvm.core.Function objects yields llvm.core.Argument objects. This allows for setting attributes for functions arguments. Argument objects cannot be constructed from user code, the only way to get a reference to these are from Function objects.

The method add_attribute and remove_attribute can be used to add or remove the following attributes:

Value| Equivalent LLVM Assembly Keyword | —–|———————————-| ATTR_ZEXT| zeroext | ATTR_SEXT| signext | ATTR_IN_REG| inreg | ATTR_BY_VAL| byval | ATTR_STRUCT_RET| sret | ATTR_NO_ALIAS| noalias | ATTR_NO_CAPTURE| nocapture | ATTR_NEST| nest |

These method work exactly like the corresponding methods of the Function class above. Refer LLVM docs for information on what each attribute means.

The alignment of any argument can be set via the alignment property, to any power of 2.


Base Class



The alignment of the argument. Must be a power of 2.



Add an attribute attr to the argument, from the set listed above.


Remove the attribute attr of the argument.

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