A First Function

#!/usr/bin/env python

from llvm.core import *

#create a module
module = Module.new("tut1")

#create a function type taking 3 32-bit integers, return a 32-bit integer
ty_int = Type.int(32)
func_type = Type.function(ty_int, (ty_int,)*3)

#create a function of that type
mul_add = Function.new (module, func_type, "mul_add")
mul_add.calling_convention = CC_C
x = mul_add.args[0]; x.name = "x"
y = mul_add.args[1]; y.name = "y"
z = mul_add.args[2]; z.name = "z"

#implement the function

#new block
blk = mul_add.append_basic_block("entry")

#IR builder
bldr = Builder.new(blk)
tmp_1 = bldr.mul(x, y, "tmp_1")
tmp_2 = bldr.add(tmp_1, z, "tmp_2")


print module

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