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title: ExecutionEngine (


add_module(self, module)

Add a new module to the ExecutionEngine. The ownership is of module is transferred. When the ExecutionEngine is destroyed, the module is destroyed.

free_machine_code_for(self, fn)

Release memory used for the machine code generated for the function fn.

get_pointer_to_function(self, fn)

Obtain the pointer to the function fn. This forces the ExecutionEngine to generate the machine code in lazy mode.

If fn is not defined, ExecutionEngine will lookup the symbol through dlsym.

The returned function pointer can be wrapped as a ctypes function.

remove_module(self, module)

Remove the module.

run_function(self, fn, args)

Execute the function fn with an iterable of arguments args which are of GenericValue. This method returns whatever that is returned by fn as a GenericValue.





Access the TargetData instance associated with the ExecutionEngine.